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Focusing on time and saving money, our features contribute exceptional benefits to your telephone system


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Supporting numerous telephone systems and manufacturers, find yours below to learn more on how we support it

Over 7,000,000 Licenses Sold Worldwide

Go Integrator Nava 4.2

Next generation Go Integrator supports the Netsapiens hosted UC telephone platform. Version 4.2 is now available for Go Integrator Nava. Click here for information.


Go Integrator meets Microsoft Teams

Go Integrator supports a range of integration features with Microsoft Teams, including setting Teams as your preferred device and changing avatar images for colleagues.

Search and Call is an application that can be added to Microsoft Teams, connecting users Teams with their Go Integrator. Users of Search and Call can:

– Perform a search of contacts and display results in Microsoft Teams

– Make a call through Go Integrator from Microsoft Teams

Click here for more information.

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CRM Integration

The list of CRMs we can integrate with keeps on growing! Check out the full list and the features we support here.

OEM Solutions

We are a channel orientated company and specialise in providing OEM level software for Telephone System Manufacturers and Service Providers

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