All Mondago products come packed with plenty of features, i.e. the 4 core features are Address book searching, Call history, Caller ID preview window, and contact popping (popping a CRM record).

Find the features below or visit the Product’s website for a comprehensive list of all solutions available for each product type.

Click to Dial

Dialing from web browsers and integrated applications, including bespoke dialing

CRM Integration

Integrate a supported Business System or CRM Application for contact popping, logging a call, click to dial, sharing contacts among organization, and more


Presence window allows users to see the extension status of their colleagues

Microsoft Teams Integration

Show, add, pop CRM contact from a MS Teams calls, change preferred device, open MS Teams chat from Mondago Presence window, show colleague’s photo from Presence, and more

Agent Management

A dockable toolbar provides a simple way for a Call Center agent to change settings

Call Center Wallboard

A lightweight, easy to install and cost effective ACD Wallboard solution for use on a PC


Mondago Softphone allows the user to make telephone calls over the internet via a computer

Telephony API

Multiple APIs for different purposes, can all be used simultaneous and the internal Ids and values are portable between APIs

Latest Integrations

13 newly added CRM applications! Check your product website for a full list of supported applications

Add Contact New Feature

Add Contact now supported in Go Integrator Next Generation products (Cara, Nava, Willa) – quickly and easily add a record to your integrated CRM from the Preview Window or Call History

Go Integrator Nava

A new product for the netsapiens hosted uc platform – announced July 5th – stick around to see what exciting and innovative features Go Integrator Nava will bring to your solution

Technology Partners

Mondago technology partners have a strong collaboration with us to ensure their telephony solutions are compatible with Mondago’s CTI product set

Search CRM

Custom built Add-in to your preferred CRM, if you don’t find yours listed on the product website, reach out to our integrations team

Stay up to date

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