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Mondago is a channel centric company delivering branded and OEM level software solutions to Telephone system manufacturers. Modern consumers of telephony demand CRM integration and this can be a significant distraction for manufacturers and service providers wanting to focus on developing world class telephony systems. That’s where we come in. We’re good at telephony-oriented CRM integrations. We strike a good balance between providing enough “integration” to be useful and being affordable. We understand that you want to rent your solutions, and we can work within that framework. We can offer you CRM integration only, or a full UC platform.

OEM CRM Integration

A set of CRM integration libraries that can be embedded in a manufacturers own desktop client.
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Developer Solutions

A range of common normalised telephony APIs across multiple PBX platforms.
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Latest Integrations

4 more CRM applications added! Double-check the product website if yours isn’t on the standard CRM list.

Gold Sponsor at Cisco WebexONE

Mondago attends Cisco’s WebexONE first annual event on December 8-9, 2020. This premier digital collaboration event took place virtually and was available to all customers and partners world-wide. Mondago showed off the brand-new product Go Integrator Cara. During the event, Mondago’s showcase of Go Integrator Cara stirred a lot of conversation and discussions on this next generation tool that includes MS Teams integration.

OEM Solutions

We are a channel orientated company and specialise in providing OEM level software for Telephone System manufacturers and service providers.

Technology Partners

Mondago technology partners have a strong collaboration with us to ensure their telephony solutions are compatible with Mondago’s CTI product set.

Search CRM

Custom built Add-in to your preferred CRM, if you don’t find yours listed on the product website, reach out to our integrations team!

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