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Mondago’s CRM integration products already provide integration to 300+ different applications, however there are some applications which Mondago has not been able to provide integration with due to additional conditions that need to be applied to satisfy the needs of the application type. This is particularly the case for applications that contain sensitive personal data, for example, medical applications.

The Select Installer program has been designed to provide a framework to enable telephony integration for applications of this type.

What integrations are included?

In the product’s CRM Viewer, each CRM application integration has a classification of either Standard, Controlled, or Standard-Select. For Select Installer program, only the Standard-Select applications can be installed by a Select Installer enrolled in the program. All Standard-Select integrations are shown to the right.

What features are included?

  • Caller preview
  • Contact popping
  • Click-to-dial
  • Address book searching

How to become a Select Installer?

To apply to the program, send an email to [email protected] and Mondago will return to you the detailed information regarding the program and its benefits.

Go Integrator

Next generation solution for both NetSapiens and Cisco BroadWorks hosted telephony systems – provides CRM integration, call control, MS Teams, and more!

Microsoft Teams Integration

Go Integrator Cara and Go Integrator Nava support a range of MS Teams features, including setting Teams as the main device, an adapter for CRM integration, and Teams presence for colleagues

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