Application Partners

Mondago provides CRM integrations solutions to some of the world’s largest telephony manufacturers and service providers.

One of the primary functions of our solutions is to provide telephony integration between the end-users telephone system and their preferred business application. Common implementations of integration include features such as “Click to dial”, “Caller preview” and “Contact popping”. Mondago already partner with many developers to provide telephony integration with their application.

Our Application Partner program is designed to provide telephony integration for Developers of contact orientated business applications with the many telephony platforms we support.


  • Mondago writes integration for your application at no charge
  • Integration is included as a Standard Integration in Mondago’s branded solutions
  • Integration is listed on product web-sites
  • Partner is listed as a Partner on Mondago’s home web-site
  • Access to Mondago logos for marketing purposes
  • Not for resale licenses for applicable Mondago product available for internal use where possible

There are two common ways of providing an application integration:


An Add-in is a program that is written to link our client to a specific business application, such as a contact-orientated or CRM application.

The Add-in is included with and configured from within our client and provides a range of pre-set integration features including Caller Preview, Contact Popping, Contact Searching, Activity Logging and Click to Dial.

An Add-in is written and managed by Mondago and typically utilizes partner APIs available with their application.

Client-side SDK

Currently only available with clients that connect to BroadWorks platforms.

Client-side SDK provides access to the client API making simple telephony events, actions and information available to the Application.