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We are committed to the safety and health of all our Worldwide Employees and Customers and will endeavour to follow all guidelines of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Public Health England and applicable local governments. During this time all our global teams will be following Work-From-Home directives and will continue to work normal business hours. We apologize for any delay in responses and appreciate your understanding.

About Us

Computer Telephony made easy

At Mondago, we provide Computer Telephony software for licensing and distribution by our partners. Our products are most frequently used by telephone system manufacturers, developers of CRM and database driven applications, and other CTI developers.

Telephone system manufacturers are attracted by our ability to bring a customised branded product to market in a short period of time. Addition of our extensive range of CRM integrations to the product adds significant value and competitive advantage at a fraction of the price to develop such a system in-house.

By using our standards-based components, Application developers can dramatically reduce time to market and support costs, while at the same time offering compatibility for a wide range of telephone systems.

Our Go Connect Server and Client APIs are applications that, when combined, allow application developers and systems integrators to easily provide Computer Telephony, Contact Center and Unified Communications solutions from within their own applications. By providing a consistent environment regardless of the make of telephone system, we allow our partners to focus on their applications while reaching a wider base of customers.

Our Story

At Mondago, we make Computer Telephony software for distribution. We have a carefully selected number of partners, around the world, who provide these products to the communications reseller community.

Mondago has been trading since 2001 and have sold over 6 million desktop licences. Mondago is registered as a private limited company in the UK and incorporated in the United States in the state of Michigan.

When the founders set out to write Computer Telephony applications, they were disappointed by the diversity of connection methods and lack of standards. It was clear that this was holding the industry back. So, rather than pursue writing a broad range of applications, we set out to be the world's number one provider of Computer Telephony software. We don't believe any other competitor comes close in supporting the number of telephone systems and applications as we currently do.

Where possible, we always use the manufacturers' best protocol for talking to their system. Plus we layer on supplementary features using extra techniques. Please see the Innovation topic below for more details.

Why the name "Mondago"?

We like our name "Mondago" because it's short and to the point. It is a combination of "Monda" which hints at our "global" outlook, and "Go" which is our attitude of making things happen.

Initially, though, the name was originally chosen for another project. Our founder, Alex Rogers, has always loved languages and shortly after leaving college, he designed a web site to perform document translation between multiple language pairs. In time, other services such as Google Translate were developed there became less of a need for Mondago to provide such a service, so the web site was closed and the name effectively became available again.

Then in 2008, when "Tiger Software" (our previous name) was looking to take a big step forward, we chose to rebrand the company under the name "Mondago". Although the software is a different concept it embraces the same ideas: Interfacing between many languages (this time it's telephone system languages) and making it widely and affordably available. And human languages are important too. The software is available to use in 25 languages at the last count.

6 million

Client licenses sold



Another important point to us is that our software is affordable. We're well aware that some of our competitors charge more than us. That's fine and there are always some customers who need Computer Telephony software (for legal or other reasons) and are prepared to pay a premium. But for the majority of people, we find that they only have a certain limit to how much time and money they are prepared to spend. Generally, people expect software to be simple and reliable and at a price that makes sense.

One of the biggest things that can increase cost is "manpower" and from the beginning we designed our software to reduce the amount of time that we and our partners need to spend installing and configuring it. The solution is all about volume. The more you sell, the more efficient you become and the software becomes more reliable if you listen to the feedback. And if you become more efficient and more reliable then you sell more. It's a great cycle.

What is CTI?

CTI stands for 'Computer Telephony Integration'. In short, it's the practice of connecting the phone that you use with your computer.

Call Control

One of the main benefits of CTI is Call Control.

Call Control enables a user to control a selected handset directly from their computer rather than using the buttons on the handset.

This allows a user to place a call ('click to dial'), answer a call, hang up a call, place a caller on hold, transfer a caller, 'consult' with a colleague or to send digits.

Application Integration

Where CTI gets really clever though is with something called 'application integration'. If the CTI Software is integrated with a CRM or database application, then the number of the person the user is speaking to can be cross checked against that CRM or database application. This allows the user to easily and quickly retrieve information about the person they are speaking with. The user can even know who is calling before the call is even answered!

What is CTI?
For Developers

For Developers

We are software developers too. Yes, we are nerds or geeks or whatever else you want to call us, but we understand software and what developers want. Developers are always being exposed to new technologies and they need to be able to grasp and understand it quickly. So we have made several import things to help them get up and running quickly:

  • Sample projects Good samples help developers see "best practice" and they can adapt them for their own use.
  • Multi-level APIs Some developers need low level control. Some want speed of development. We have multiple APIs for different purposes, but they can all be used simultaneous and the internal Ids and values are portable between the APIs.
  • Multiple languages and environments We have a range of technologies for different developers and situations.
  • Demonstration mode Sometimes it's not practical to test with a real telephone system so we provide a working demonstration mode to simulate real-world situations.

For Telephone System Manufacturers

We are a channel orientated company and are organised to provide OEM level software to Telephone system manufacturers. Modern consumers of telephony demand CRM integration. This can be a significant distraction for companies wanting to focus on developing a world class telephone system. That's where we come in. We're good at telephony-oriented CRM integrations. We strike a good balance between providing enough "integration" to be useful and being affordable. We understand that you want to rent your solutions, and we can work within that framework. We can offer you CRM integration only, or a full UC platform.

For Telephone System Manufacturers
For Service Providers

For Service Providers

We like working for service providers.

You know your platform well, but customers are asking you to provide integration to a range of CRMs and business applications. You've offered some options for them to integrate to your platform. You may even have a public API, but your customers don't really want to have to write and support an integration. It's tough. That's where we come in. We're good at telephony-oriented CRM integrations. We strike a good balance between providing enough "integration" to be useful and being affordable. We understand that you want to rent your solutions, and we can work within that framework. We can offer you CRM integration only, or a full UC platform.

  • Runs on your hardware
  • Rental options
  • Low cost of entry
  • Many existing integrations
  • Support for many vertical market applications
  • Software and help available in multiple languages
  • Service level agreement
  • Good support response times


  • On screen presence One of the first to deliver PC-based extension status or presence. Originally this was called "on screen BLF" since it resembled the "Busy Lamp Field" that people had on their handsets.
  • "Toast" or preview window One of the first to deliver incoming call data in a discreet, popup window that didn't interfere with the user's keyboard.
  • Messaging in a telephony application One of the first to provide users with an alternate means of communicating (within the same application) even while they were on a voice call.
  • Federation The first to federate servers between different sites to exchange presence and messaging data.

And we haven't stopped. We continue to provide exciting innovations including ones that are still unique (not seen in other software):

  • Combined extension and user presence We take a variety of status information about a user and their telephony devices to create a visual picture of their availability.
  • Driverless operation Unlike competitors' software, we try to work to a driver-less model where users do not need to source and install third party drivers or software to integrate.
  • Directory integration We use advanced push and pull techniques to provide directory integration to Active Directory and to telephone system directories.


Testing and lab facilities

Mondago have the majority of the supported telephony systems at their UK offices, and we can carry out a range of testing services for partners. This includes testing partners' products on the range of suitable telephone systems. Please contact us for further details.


We have set up a dedicated Computer TeIephony apprenticeship Program called MAP (Mondago Apprenticeship Program). The program was designed to enable university graduates, or similar, to get a thorough understanding of all elements of the computer telephony industry. The course spans a period of 5 months and allows the apprentices to gain knowledge in all areas of the business and the various types of CTI technology used.

MAP encourages those participating in the process to actively contribute to its success and planning. This is achieved through nurturing and encouraging communications between management and the team through regular update meetings. The aim is the ability to 'grow' people that ultimately become valued permanent staff members by investing time in them. This is being achieved through carefully monitored modules measured by instruction, mentoring, self-study, demonstration, on-site exercises and case studies.

Commercial Director Rob Cox commented 'We are 100% committed to developing our staff, assisting them to reach their full potential as we know that our team is our most valuable asset. With 300% growth in the last year alone we understand that the success we have achieved so far is ultimately attributed to our people and their hunger for both developing new skills and the challenges that more responsibility will bring them.'

About MAP

The MAP training program places a heavy emphasis on 'learning through experience in the real world'. Apprentices increase their skills through a process of mentoring and through practical learning explaining and demonstrating different functions, technologies, software products, procedures and terminology which are pertinent to Computer Telephony. The course contains 5 modules which run for 1 month each. All modules have basic, intermediate and advanced stages to allow for maximum knowledge and exposure to various platforms and procedures. This includes knowledge of various telephone systems, software, CRM integrations and other telephony technologies and innovations. Mondago utilize their unique in-house lab which currently has nearly 50 telephone systems allowing the trainees to understand a wide range of platforms and technologies.