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Innovative design

At Mondago, we have been working in Computer Telephony for decades, and we are proud of the many innovations we have brought to this field. Our Telephony Server contains many advanced features that make developers' work easier.

CRM Integration

Another core competency of Mondago is to provide a consistent integration to a wide variety of different database and CRM applications. This consistent approach gives our partners confidence to provide integration to these applications even though they themselves are not familiar with them.

We say that we work with a CRM if we can:

  • Enable dialing from the application in an appropriate manner
  • Search the contact data for callers' info. We call this "previewing" since we allow the user to "preview" the callers' details.
  • Search the application's contact data to provide address book functionality.
  • Allow users to "pop" caller's records within the application. This item is the hardest to achieve and generally takes the most time to write.

Sometimes though, we can also confirm that we can support an application if the application was designed to have native telephony integration and we can make it work as the manufacturer intended. An example would be if the application supports integration using the "TAPI" protocol.

We have a large catalog of over 300 applications that we have investigated. We are not able to integrate with every single one of these (using the above criteria), but we can normally at least provide the ability to dial from the application.

CRM Integration
Telephony Interfaces

Telephony Interfaces

At Mondago, we support a wide range of telephone systems. We have most of the relevant equipment at our offices and we regularly use it for testing. It's still not easy keeping up with the various manufacturers, though. It is done through sheer hard work and determination.

We also offer rental of our facilities to partners for application testing. This helps all parties to maintain a high quality of telephone system integration.

We also maintain a list of the supported telephone system and the necessary programming notes to get the telephone system ready for computer telephony. The list of current telephone systems can be opened here:  Telephone Systems

Feel free to link other sites to this reference page also. When doing this, please attribute copyright information to Mondago Ltd.


Our server platform connects to many makes of telephone system. That is not an easy task because not all telephone systems work in the same way or have the same features. However our partners want a consistent experience regardless of telephone system. To make this happen, we have had to innovate beyond the original manufacturers' implementation. Some examples include:

  • Multi-PBX Often manufacturers design their drivers to only use a single connection to one telephone system at a time. That's fine if you only have one system, but sometimes customers have multiple offices or multiple systems. Our virtualization and partitioning technology allows us to use the drivers to connect to multiple systems at the same time.
  • First-party as third party Sometimes manufacturers only provide a "first-party" driver. That means that software can only control and monitor one extension at a time. Our virtualization technology allows us to "shotgun" the drivers to allow us to connect to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Directory support Many of the common computer telephony APIs lack a directory function. This would then require manual effort to enter a list, So we use other techniques, such as SNMP and HTML, to download the list and reduce this effort.
Mobile Products

Mobile Products

We have developed a range of clients that bring computer telephony to a range of mobile devices including:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone

We don't like standing still though, regularly improving the existing features of these clients and continuing to develop new features like always-resident tracking and Bluetooth applications.


Users often want to know the availability of their colleagues so that they can call them when they are not busy, or speak to another colleague who is available. By allowing secure connects from mobile clients to our server technology, we are able to provide this information. But knowing if someone is free is only half of the solution. Users also need to be able to quickly call them.

Dial Through

Dial Through

Our unique Dial Through technology allows us to provide direct inward access for mobile staff to their colleagues. It also even allows them to make full external calls through the office telephone system. The technology is delivered over standard cellular networks (not VoIP) and allows users to present their office telephone number when calling, or to take advantage of lower rate calls to their office. This is an important feature for users who use their personal mobiles for work use.