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Go Connect Server Information

Minimum Version Required:


Installation Notes:

In Go Connect Server, take care to enter the correct IP address for the Office Serv link program, not the telephone system.

Directory Download:

Extensions, Trunks


Only extension with names are download to prevent too many extensions from being downloaded.

When dialing over analog trunks, there is a delay in receiving the dialed number. This can be resolved by enabling LCR and setting the expected number of digits.

Neither Paired extensions nor SIP extensions are supported fully.

Connection Information




A 3rd party OpenTsp license is required

Firewall Requirements:

OSLink: TCP - 6000

PBX Information


The Samsung OfficeServ connects to the LAN via the socket on the PBX.
The OfficeServ Link program runs on a local PC (often the Go Connect Server) and acts as a gateway to allow Go Connect Server to PBX.

Driver Requirements:


Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

4.21c or later

WAN Connectivity Trunk Monitoring Analog Phones Supported Agent Features Supported