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Go Connect Server Information

Installation Notes:

To perform an installation you will need to install the relevant version of the Aastra TAPI driver and configure it correctly. Go Connect Server will use this driver to connect to the telephone system

Directory Download:



It is not possible to track all calls fully after being transferred. Transferred calls may thus give inconsistant results.

Connection Information




OIP driver must be installed and licensed manually first. A TAPI Pro license is required for each monitored extension.

Firewall Requirements:

TCP: 683, 684 (Corba)

PBX Information


The Aastra OIP Server (Call Manager) runs on a PC-based platform. It connects over TCP to the Intelligate telephone system. The OIP server is configured through the HTML-based programming interface. The Intelligate telephone system is configured using the AIMS software

Driver Requirements:

Required but not included

Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

7 or later

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