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Go Connect Server Information

Minimum Version Required:


Installation Notes:

To perform an installation you will need the IP address of the PBX and a username and password configured for XML use. Also you will need to prepare the Cisco appliance through programming. This programming includes:
- Configuring the XML gateway service
- Allowing sip-to-sip connections
- Enabling CTI integration
For more information please see the 'Configuring CTI CSTA Protocol Suite in Cisco Unified CME' guide.

Directory Download:



Configuring the Cisco CME for CSTA is considered an advanced subject. Please do not attempt to do this without prior training.
UCMA runtime version 4 is required as a download from Microsoft.

Connection Information




Configuration of the Cisco CME/UC500 for CSTA is required before connecting.

Firewall Requirements:

TCP: 5060 - Note: the PBX will make a reciprocal connection back to Go Connect Server. This may require specialist firewall support/configuration. Operation is recommended for LAN use only.

PBX Information


The Cisco Call Manager Express / UC500 connects onto the LAN via one of the RJ45 sockets on the front of the PBX. The local IP address and other network settings are set through the HTML-based programming interface. Advanced configuration, such as is required for CSTA / XML configuration is normally done via the telnet interface.

Driver Requirements:


Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

15.0(1) or later

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