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Go Connect Server Information

Minimum Version Required:


Installation Notes:

The Go Connect Server connects to the BroadWorks XSP server. When connecting using HTTP or HTTPS please ensure that the name entered for the XSP server starts with HTTP:// or HTTPS://. To control all lines in the BroadWorks Enterprise or Group an Administrator account must be entered.

Directory Download:



The connection is vulnerable to changes in password. Please remember to change the configured password if it changes.

Connection Information


Proprietary (XSI-CTI) (XSI-TLS) (XSI-HTTP/S)


Please contact use for details.

Firewall Requirements:

XSI-CTI = 8011
XSI-TLS = 8011
XSI - HTTP = 80
XSI - HTTPS = 443
These would normally be intrinsically open. If there is a firewall issue, it is more likely to be a restriction to 'known IP addresses only'.

PBX Information


The BroadWorks platform is a hosted solution normally using BroadSoft certified handsets. These handsets typically provide a full range of functionality (ie Answer, Hold, etc.) The Go Connect Server makes a direct connection to the BroadWorks XSP server.

Driver Requirements:


Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

BroadWorks Rls 19 or later

Other Requirements:

The BroadWorks Service Provider may need to contacted for provide details for the XSP administrator account and to confirm the preferred connection protocol.

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