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Go Connect Server Information

Minimum Version Required:

2.5.25 for v12 /2.6.10 for V14 - V15 . . .

Installation Notes:

This integration must be professionally installed.
If doing an upgrade of Go Connect Server, then remove the old version first, check that its program directly is gone, and then install the new (latest) version.

Directory Download:

Extensions, Parks, Groups, Trunks


Go Connect Server must be installed directly on to the 3CX server PC.
Limited functionality is available. Make call (using Dialback), hangup and Blind Transfer, Deflect work.
Not Available - Answer, Hold, Consult, Send DTMF

Connection Information




The server must be installed on the 3CX PBX PC

Firewall Requirements:


PBX Information


3CX is a windows-based telephone system. It uses third party SIP handsets or softphones as end points.

Driver Requirements:


Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

R12 - New installation R14 and R15
R15.5 supported on windows servers, not supported on Linux servers.

Other Requirements:

A licensed PBX is required. The "Free" license is not supported,

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