Unify OpenScape Office (MX/LX) | PBXs and Telephone Systems | Developer Solutions

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Minimum Version Required:


Installation Notes:

To perform an installation you will need the IP address of the telephone system, and to know the range of trunk numbers.
Also, SNMP should be configured to provide access through the normal 'public' community name.

Directory Download:

Extensions only. Trunks add through configuration


Internal hold IS supported (unlike 3000 series).
Call direction and/or dialed number may be wrong in some call pickup scenarios.
Handsets are not detected as offline if unplugged

Connection Information




Spare CSTA License

PBX Information


Configuration of the telephone system is performed using the embedded HTML interface. There are several levels of access, for engineers and customers.
The Siemens OpenOffice is unrelated from a hardware point of view to the Siemens 3000 series though many peripherals and software applications are the same.

Driver Requirements:

None required

Other Requirements:

SNMP needs to be enabled. It is not on by default.
A CSTA license is required. In normal operation, the OpenOffice has one license that it uses for internal operations, thus a second (ie purchased) license is required. The CSTA license available in trial mode for the first 30 days after PBX initialization.