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Go Connect Server Information

Minimum Version Required:

2.6.12 17129, 3.0 18107

Installation Notes:

Version 6 and 7 have been tested.
A domain user needs to be created on the same domain as the AACC. Create the domain user as CCT (AACC) user. Assign agents all agents to be monitored to the CCT user.

Directory Download:



Only the agent data is received into the Go Connect Server. No basic PBX data is received.
Agent features are only supported for static seating and not free seating.

Connection Information


Proprietary (CCT)

Firewall Requirements:

Port: 29373 needs to be open.

PBX Information


Avaya Aura® Contact Center is Avaya's next generation contact center solution, It provides a CTI connection for monitor Avaya agents.

Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

AACC Version 6 and 7 has been testing

WAN Connectivity Trunk Monitoring Analog Phones Supported Agent Features Supported