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Installation Notes:

Application Link needs to be configured to provide to allow the CSTA Phase III connection using ASN1. You will also need the IP address of the MX One and the username and password of a user that's permitted to use CSTA.
The Application Link configuration has diagnostic screens that allow you to examine the state of the connection and whether individual extensions are monitored

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Trunks cannot be monitored. This may mean that continuity of data on calls cannot be preserved during transfers. (Caller's telephone number is kept).
During a 'Transfer Cancel' operation is is possible to have a stuck call physically on the handset. It can be cleared with the hangup button (on the phone)

Connection Information




CSTA licenses are required for each monitored extension.

Firewall Requirements:

TCP: 8881 (default)

PBX Information


The Aastra MX One is a mid-range to large telephone system. There are several different types of handset available. Use Aastra SIP handsets for the best results.
Application Link is the name of the technology that hosts the CSTA connection. It is configured using a browser-based interfaced

Driver Requirements:


Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

4 or later

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